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The Perfect TreeSaw is a cut above other land clearing tools on the market. Many property owners and contractors use our specialized saw to clear pastureland, fence rows, waterways and levees.

How does it work? The Perfect TreeSaw is a non-hydraulic saw designed to attach to everything from ATVs to tractors and dozers. When used properly, it can cut down trees and bushes of all sizes without destroying the existing grass stand.

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The Pecan Tree
Chetopa, Kansas

Well pleased with the job it does have cut hay off of ground next year. Reclaimed 124 acres of grown up pasture with no maintenance.

Milburn Harms
Cole Camp, Missouri

Outstanding, wonderful piece of equipment that is maintenance free. The most efficient above all shears. Does a really clean, smooth flush cut and leaves no stobs above ground. Very durable and well built.

Roger Bechtel
Eureka, Kansas

Cleared 25 acres in no time with no maintenance, absolutely no need to sharpen. Can go under fences and cut at ground level.

Ray Evans
Appleton City, Missouri

The Perfect TreeSaw is the clear choice for the job

Looking for the perfect saw for your project? Choose The Perfect TreeSaw. This one-of-a-kind saw should be your top choice because it CLEARS, meaning it:

  • Cuts flush or below the surface
  • Is low maintenance
  • Is environmentally friendly
  • Is always safe with no moving parts
  • Requires no hydraulics
  • Saves time

Don’t settle for an average saw. Contact The Perfect TreeSaw today for more details about our cutting-edge saw.

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The Perfect TreeSaw is a family-owned company in Green Ridge, MO. Since 1974, we've supplied property owners and contractors with the saws they need to complete their land clearing projects. You'll be impressed by our exceptional customer service and quality products.

Need another reason to choose The Perfect TreeSaw? Our saws come with a lifetime guarantee and will never bend or break.