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Back in 1966, Ralph Dove set out to make the perfect tooth for the perfect saw. In 1974 his dream became a patent. Thus, the Perfect Tree Saw was born. The Hav-Roc sawing dozer blade made quick work of any size tree by use of sawing action of bulldozer mounted "V" shaped bar with hard surfaced teeth. The trees are cut at or below ground level leaving no stump behind.

His son Bill now runs the business, along with his wife Connie, and has perfected what his dad started. The shark like teeth are what makes this saw super special and they are all hand made. The patented designed teeth are mounted in such a way that allows for effortless cutting of any tree in no time flat. Best of all, there are no moving parts which means less fuel used, and very little maintenance.

The very best part about the Perfect Tree Saw and the manufacturing behind them is that they are completely made in the USA, and come straight outta Missouri. Green Ridge Missouri is the manufacturing location of what can only be described as tree cutting perfection.

The Perfect Tree Saw logo

Today, our look has changed and our goals for the company are growing. The one thing that hasn't changed is our commitment to quality and customer service. To all our customers far and wide, we say thank you for believing in us.

Bigger and better, we are always growing. Currently, there are 11 different models in production. They range in sizes to fit ATV's all the way up to huge wheeled loaders and bulldozers. Each is hand built with meticulous attention to detail.

The Perfect Tree Saw is a family owned company that has been in operation since 1966. Currently, operations are overseen by Bill and Connie Dove. They are the owners, builders, and all around great people.

Bill and Connie

This product will blow you away from the first time you see it, let alone the first time you actually use it. There is only one Perfect Tree Saw. Don't be fooled by look-a-likes and copy cats. Get yours today by calling Bill and placing your order.

There is only one PERFECT TREE SAW. Don't be fooled by copy cat designs. You will waste your time and money because they will not perform like our product. Avoid the frustration of constant maintenance, and added expense that comes with other designs. We stand behind our saw forever!