The Perfect TreeSaw History

This clearing blade is designed to saw trees and underbrush from pasture land, fence rows, waterways and levee berms. Under most conditions it wont destroy the present stand of grass, making the Perfect TreeSaw environmentally friendly.

The Perfect TreeSaw can be used to clear underbrush without damaging or removing prime trees, and to clear roadways or right-of-ways through timberland. Cutting flush with the ground and at times under the ground in good soil conditions without leaving any splinters or stobs that can cause damage to rubber tire equipment or livestock injury. This also keeps sprout-back to a minimum. The debris can be piled and burned very easily since the stumps are left underground.

Since the Perfect TreeSaw has no moving parts it is very safe to use. No moving parts also makes the Perfect TreeSaw a very low maintenance attachment for your clearing needs.

Mounting the Perfect TreeSaw on farm tractors, skid-steers and dozers can be done easily and in only a few minutes.